Selecting courses for Senior School is a very important milestone for students. It is a chance to tailor a program to suit individual needs and set students up for success in their chosen career path.  There are WACE courses across a range of subject areas that students can mix and match to achieve their goals after secondary school.  The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is awarded to students who have successfully completed our rigorous senior secondary education program. Requires students to: be eligible to apply for university admission or achieve a Certificate II (or higher) in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification.  Whether you’re aiming to start work straight after secondary school or undertake further studies, this handbook download will help you decide which Year 11 and 12 study options best match your interests, skills, needs and learning levels.

 You can choose from one or more of the following pathways to achieve your goals:
• Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) subjects are designed for students seeking admission to university
• General course units are designed for students aiming to undertake further training or enter the workforce directly from school
• Vocational Education and Training is designed for those seeking to gain job-related knowledge, skills and experience

 No matter what you decide to do after Year 12, it’s essential to meet the minimum standards in reading, writing and numeracy. By meeting these standards, you will significantly increase your prospects of gaining employment or further training. You will also need to meet these standards to get into university. Support is available through Foundation courses in Year 11 and 12 if you haven’t met the minimum standards.

I encourage parents to carefully read information in the downloadable handbook below and discuss it with your child. I also urge you to talk to the Senior Deputy Principal or school careers counsellor about any questions that may arise from this booklet and for more information.  We urge parents to involve themselves in the counselling process for subject selection in Term 3. Your participation and understanding can provide great support to help your child select an appropriate course for next year.

A printed copy of the 2018 Senior School Curriculum Handbook is also available at the front office.