4:00pm – 7:00pm
Elizabeth Quay

Morning and afternoon sessions (10:00am – 3:00pm) ARE BOOKED OUT. These sessions are for primary and senior school groups 

The rest of the evening will be open to families and the people of Perth to come down for from 4:00pm – 7:00pm, where visitors can soak up the last bit of sunshine for the day, enjoy a bite to eat overlooking the 50-tonne spider amongst our city skyline.

Not only will Arcadia Australia wow Perth audiences with three exclusive shows this November, they will also be giving a sneak peak into the innovation and creative design that fuels the Spider at two free community open days at Elizabeth Quay. 

Each evening will consist of a unique programme that’s designed to provoke thought, question the world around us and teach new skill sets that shape disciplines and careers for future generations.
STEAM Ahead – Programme Sneak Peak: 

Gary Cass – Coconut Water Dress: Gary has mastered the skill of harnessing the by-product of fermented bacteria to create a ‘skin’ that is then molded and sewn into incredible fashion designs similar to his revolutionary Sparkling Couture dress. Students will have a chance to see the dress up close and personal.

Peter Parkers’ Parade: Cecil Andrews Senior High School will be creating a unique and interactive pathway that includes workshops where students can make a stretchy polymer slime to resemble the liquid compounds that form spider silk, getting an understanding of Microfluidics, Proteins, Polymers and Non-Newtonians. Students will then be able to take their hand made silk and stretch it out over a wooden frame to create a web and see real life demonstrations of spider ‘food catching’.

Spider Costume Workshop: Working with REmida facilitators, students will learn about the different varieties of spiders and the individual traits each of these spiders hold. Students will apply creative thinking to spin their own spider costumes using recycled materials and incorporating unique features of their favourite spider species.

Curtin Lane: Curtin University are curating an assortment of interactive activities including the Rube Goldberg Machine which has participants creating a unique maze fueled by reactive movement that sees the ultimate ‘domino’ effect in real time. 

Junkadelic Percussion & Rhythm Workshop: Instruments can literally be made out of anything! Junkadelic will have students thinking about buckets, pipes and milk cartons in a whole new light. Not only will they learn to make a junk instrument they will also learn how to create a parade beat and simple clave rhythms using their handmade masterpieces. 

Public sessions (4pm – 7pm) are open to all and you can see more at:

To see the full Arcadia show and the spider awaken tickets can be purchased at for $99+BF each.