Cecil Andrews Senior High School is proud to announce its ‘Independent Public School’ (IPS) status from 2015.   This means our school will have the authority to make its own decisions, tailored to the school’s distinctive needs and aspirations, rather than all schools across the state doing the same thing in the same way.   With our school and community working tougher, the best decisions are made, because collectively we know at a local level what is needed for our students, for example: Who the staff will be, how the resources will be used and what policies make most sense within our school.

Currently, 264 schools are now IPS, and a further 178 schools will become IPS as of 2015.   From 2015, around 70% of teachers and 70% of students will be in Independent Public Schools.

IPS allows parents, local community members and school staff to enjoy a positive relationship based on a shared vision for the future and achieving excellence together.