COVID-19 Update: 29 June 2021

An update to parents, students, families and the community.

Thank you to all parents, families, guardians, community members and students for the emails and calls of support.  Knowing our community has our back in tough times has been heart-warming.  Since the onset of COVID-19, our community has been incredible in its response. Today, again we find ourselves in an ever evolving situation.  At all times the College has taken the health advice seriously, and we continue to follow the Education Department’s guidelines.  As you are aware, we are currently in a 4-day lockdown.  Here are some key messages from the Department of Education that we would like to pass on to our College community:

  • Schools are currently open, unless they are deemed as public exposure sites.
  • All parents and carers must wear a mask on a school site.
  • Parents and carers are allowed on site but only to drop off and pick up children and must leave as soon as possible.
  • All meetings involving parents, including case conferences, are cancelled.
  • No large school events will proceed.
  • Please be mindful that if the current situation deteriorates, we will be given further instructions that may differ to what is currently in place.
  • We respectfuly ask that parents support the health and wellbeing of College staff and students by keeping unwell children at home.

4 -day lockdown information link

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