The Melbourne Trip is only a month away so a meeting will be held in the staff room on Tuesday, 24th July from 4.00pm – 5.00pm to deliver all the information to parents. All students and/or parents are expected to attend. If you are unable to attend, please contact the school to arrange a suitable time to meet with Austin Ward. The students involved are:

Braedyn Marshall, Charlie Miller, Dylan Jeanes, Jack Bassett, Jaidyn Bishop, Jake Bodnuda, James Deroost, Jay Gafa, Marco Oosthuizen, Mitchell Western, Ryan Patterson, Stephen Ireland, Todd Bennell, Tylah Pearce, Tyler Kelly, Vaughan McBurney, Will Harvey, Stephanie Anderson, Tanamin Brown, Courtney Buswell, Abbey De Vries, Hayley Dodds, Rebecca Goodwin, Tayla Lloyd, Tahlina Macauley, Lateisha Sutherland, Alyssa Sutton, Payton Swinwood, Stephanie Thompson and Katarena Wharepapa.