1456670_779717842067571_1670221663426222439_nCecil Andrews College staff are passionate and dedicated educators and administrators, collaborating with you to provide the best possible education to your children. We are excited to welcome our new Year 7's in 2017!

Ms Kaitlan Magry is our Year 7 Coordinator. Year Coordinators are responsible for the pastoral care of students. This may involve counseling or referring students to other services as well as organising reward and whole of year activities including camps and excursions. Parents should contact Ms Magry to discuss issues such as homework for extended absences or progress reports.

Mrs Pamela Moss is our lower school Deputy Principal who is responsible for your child's timetabling, curriculum organisation, examinations, attendance and behaviour management. Mrs Moss is also responsible for providing extensive mentor support to Year 7s in our Academic Extension Program.