Cecil Andrews College staff are passionate and dedicated educators and administrators, collaborating with you to provide the best possible education to your children.

Our staff are valued for their role in contributing to creating a vibrant and dynamic school community while embodying our values and contributing toward achieving our vision.

Our Principal, Stella Jinman, is responsible for the overall management, organisation, supervision and efficiency of our college.

Deputy Principals
The Deputy Principals, Nathan Morton, Austin Ward and Donna Paice, are responsible for the efficient daily operation of our college. Duties involve timetabling, curriculum organisation, examinations, attendance and behaviour management. They share a general responsibility for our students’ welfare and college organisation. They also serve as the first point of contact for prospective students.

Corporate Services Manager
Our Corporate Services Manager is responsible for managing the finances and the physical resources of our college. Any queries regarding contributions and charges or applying for government allowances should be directed to Henry Van Vugt.

Academic Extension Coordinator
Our Academic Extension Coordinator, Mrs Jane Vearer, is responsible for providing extensive mentor support to all of the year 7 – 10 students in the program, and also for our Upper School ATAR students to help them achieve their desired post-school destinations.

Student Services Manager

Our Student Services Manager, Amy Blackley, is responsible for behaviour management at our college. She also manages student welfare and concerns, providing support and direction to the Student Services team, including Year Coordinators, College Psychologists, the Chaplain and the Attendance Officer.

Heads of Learning Areas
Our Heads of Learning Areas are responsible for managing and delivering subjects in the curriculum within their specific learning area. They also manage student issues in their learning area including behaviour, attendance and assessment.

Kerrie Mansell – Head of English & HASS

Nathan Setzinger – Head of The Arts

Nathan Squires – Head of Health and Physical Education & Technologies

John Townley – Teacher in Charge of STEM

Year Coordinators
Year Coordinators are responsible for year groups, with their primary focus on pastoral care of students. This may involve counselling or referring students to other services as well as organising reward and whole of year activities including camps and excursions. Parents should contact Year Coordinators to discuss issues such as homework for extended absences or progress reports on individual students.

Jimmy Henley-Martin –  Year 7 Coordinator

Brian Kazakoff – Year 8 Coordinator

Jess Murray– Year 9 Coordinator

Sarah Humphreys – Year 10 Coordinator

Stephen Jones – Year 11 & Year 12 Coordinator

Attendance Officer
Our Attendance Officer, Kathrine Jolley, is responsible for monitoring student attendance. She is also responsible for promoting options to engage students in our courses and programs to enhance retention and participation.

College Psychologists
Our College Psychologist, Rebecca Giangiulio, provides academic and personal development counsel and advise to students, and can be referred to by parents or staff with parent approval.

College Nurse
Our College Nurse, Victoria Gotte, is available two days per week and every second Friday. Responsibilities include health promotion programs, early intervention, assessments and referrals.

Social Worker
Our College social worker, Carol Wall, is available every Monday.

Girl’s Academy
Tara Morrison is heading our Girls Academy,  which is a college-based program that uses sport, mentoring and extra-curricular activities to increase engagement, participation and achievement at our college.

Our Chaplain, Gael Varian, supports students through individual counselling and management of a range of special programs at our college.

Follow the Dream Coordinator
Our Follow the Dream Coordinator, Sue Gilbert, is responsible for assisting indigenous students with high aspirations through their secondary education.

Clontarf Academy
Our Contarf Academy Director, Darren Davis, is responsible for improving the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of our indigenous male students through sport activities.