Student Services

Cecil Andrews College is committed to the well-being of all students. Our friendly staff members create a safe and caring environment conducive to learning. The Student Services team is committed to provide opportunities for all students to be happy, healthy and successful.

All teachers and non-teaching staff are concerned about the welfare of all of our students. Pastoral care of students takes place in every classroom, every day. To assist staff in their role of caring for students, there are a number of trained staff in specialised fields who comprise the Student Services team. This team of professionals encourage problem solving and conflict resolution through counseling, consultation and communication with students, parents and staff.

Student Services offer a fantastic range of programs including:
• Positive psychology groups
• Resilience programs
• Peer support programs
• Rainbows
• AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience)
• At risk and risky behaviours programs
• Health programs like PASH, Drug Aware and FASD day
• Immunisation
• Breakfast club
• Motivational speakers
• Follow the Dream Program, an after college homework club for Indigenous students
• Mentoring program


Student Services staff

College Nurse

The Community Health Nurse is available two days per week. Responsibilities include health promotion programs, early intervention, assessments and referrals.

College Psychologists

Our School Psychologists counsel and advise students on matters relating to their academic and personal development, and can be referred to by parents or staff with parent approval.

College Chaplain

Our full-time Chaplain supports students through individual counseling and management of a range of special programs at our college.

Student Services also has:

• AIEO's (Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers)
• A Chaplain
• Year Coordinators
• A Follow the Dream Coordinator
• An ITAS teacher (Indigenous Tutoring Achievement Scheme).