Follow the Dream

The Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success program encourages Aboriginal students with high aspirations as they commence their secondary education.

Through individualised case management in the areas of academic acceleration, logitudinal subject selection and career and transition support, students are encouraged to complete Year 12 and achieve results that enable entrance into tertiary studies.

Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success (FTD:PFS) is a voluntary program for aspirant Aboriginal secondary school students. The program provides after-school tuition and individualised mentoring, support and case management to assist and support these students to continue achieving excellent outcomes at school, complete Year 12 and obtain university entry.

The program can also include high-achieving and motivated students undertaking vocational education and training (VET) in schools pathways, provided they meet the program’s selection criteria and their inclusion does not detract from the program’s strong educational excellence focus and culture.

The program’s objectives, specifically, are to increase the proportion of Aboriginal students who:

• achieve a WACE and an ATAR that allows university entry;

• attend school regularly;

• achieve high school grades and have high levels of literacy and numeracy;

• have a broad range of post-school education, training, and employment options and opportunities, and achieve a successful post-school transition; and

• have high self-expectations, and whose parents and communities also have high expectations, involvement and pride in the success of the students.”

Selection into the program is based on:

1. NAPLAN results (at or above in all categories)
2. Achieving a minimum of pass grades in all subjects
3. School attendance above 90%
4. Teacher recommendation
5. Good behaviour and application
6. A commitment to attending tutoring after school