Academic Extension Program

About the Program:
The Cecil Andrews College Academic Extension Program is designed to provide a challenging and enriched learning environment, aiming to extend each individual student to their full academic potential. This program is committed to nurturing and supporting students who demonstrate high abilities, gifts, or special talents in various academic domains.

Program Objectives:

  • Develop advanced application and critical thinking skills.
  • Deepen students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills.
  • Foster self-directed thinking for innovative problem-solving.
  • Cultivate reflective practices related to learning experiences.
  • Develop forward thinking attitudes about pathways into university.

Program Features:

  • Extension and acceleration classes offered in key subjects such as Maths, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and English.
  • Flexible grouping allowing students to work with like-minded peers.
  • Scaffolded learning through explicit direct instruction frameworks. Using “Science of Learning” strategies to support the retention and application of key concepts and skills.
  • An Academic Extension Coordinator targeted pastoral care, monitoring, and regular feedback to parents on student progress.
  • Enrichment activities, excursions, and special programs integrated into the curriculum and outside class time that enhance the critical and creative thinking of students.
  • A variety of supported pathways to university studies.
  • Opportunities to connect with P-Tech and industry partners to discover the jobs of the future and highlight future employment opportunities and their designated pathways.

Who should apply for the Academic Extension Program?
Candidates for this program must:

  • Demonstrate an excellent work ethic.
  • Maintain excellent attendance (90% or above).
  • Show consistently strong academic results (achieve A and B grades consistently).
  • Display commitment towards achieving their full academic potential.
  • Be committed to a tertiary pathway.

The Application processes

  1. Year 6 parents and students need to complete the application form and post it together with a copy of their most recent school report and a copy of current NAPLAN results to:
    The AEP Coordinator: Jessica Markowski, Cecil Andrews College, 39 Seville Drive, Seville Grove WA 6112
  2. Current Year 6 teacher needs to complete the confidential teacher reference form and email it directly to: The AEP Coordinator: Jessica Markowski –
  3. In 2025, all Year 6 and 7 students will be tested using the High Ability Selection Test (HAST ACER) in Term 1, and a first round of offers for the program will be sent out based on these results. Further testing may be run later in the year during transition and orientation days if the need arises, and second round of offers sent out.

Academic Extension Program

Academic Extension Program Application Form