Communicate easily with teachers. Securely access your child’s learning assessments and feedback. Engage in your child’s learning anytime, anywhere and on any device. Parents and caregivers will receive an email (using the email address provided to the school) outlining login details. The details can be used to login to the Connect App (available in your app store) or using the web browser version online.

If you are having trouble logging in, then please contact the school directly on 9234 3400 or email and our school staff will provide support.


No. Connect provides different permissions depending on your role in the system. Teachers and staff tend to have greater access to Connect and other Department systems. For security purposes, the two logins are kept separate.

Children are allocated to parent accounts by the school. It may be that your child’s school is not yet using Connect for all children. If you believe that you should have access to your other children, you should contact the school directly so that they can investigate the situation for you.

Not all schools are using Connect in the same way. It may be that your child’s school is not yet using Connect with students and/or parents. If you believe that you should have access to your children at a different school, you should contact the school directly so that they can investigate the situation for you.

Your child’s school will provide you with a user name (P-number) and password to login to Connect. If your children attend multiple schools, you will still only need one login. If you can’t remember your login details or need to reset your password you can do so by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen at If you have received multiple logins or there is an issue with your login, you should contact your child’s school so that they can investigate the situation for you.

Your account may become locked if you attempt to log in too many times with an incorrect password. If your account is locked you will need to contact your child’s school so they can unlock it.

Schools choose whether they will publish student reports in Connect. Once published, parents and students can find the reports in the My Children tab of Connect in the section called Reports. You will only see the Reports section if there are published reports for your child. Once published to Connect, reports will remain available until your child leaves the public education system. To see previous years’ reports, select the Year from the right-hand menu. If you can’t see a report but believe that you should be able to, contact your child’s school so they can investigate the issue for you.

Multiple family members can have parental/carer access to Connect if they are listed at the school with ‘Parental Responsibility’. You should contact your child’s school directly to organise another login. The school may request additional information, if they don’t already have it, including address and phone number.

Not all teachers use Connect Classes. Unless a teacher has created a class in Connect it will not be visible to the students or parents associated with that class. If you would like to discuss the use of Connect at your school, you should contact the teacher and/or the school directly.

Attendance data is taken from each school’s Student Information System database in a nightly extract and made available the following day through Connect. Attendance information will always be at least one day behind but, on occasion, technical or other issues may cause the information to be further out of date.

Many schools choose to set up an online community in Connect in order to provide school board members with a secure, collaborative space in which to share documents and receive updates. Connect communities are typically only available to staff and your school has given you access to the community by providing you with a non-employee staff login. You are only able to access the community by using the staff login.

Teachers and administrators are able to select whether to enable comments from students and/or parents whenever they publish a notice in Connect. Not all notices will have comments enabled.

Connect Class discussions provide students with an opportunity to collaborate online. They may be used for many different educational purposes including allowing students to share ideas, provide feedback to their peers, seek clarification from their teachers and provide teachers with an insight into students’ understanding. In most cases it is important to see the full context of a discussion in order to understand an individual response. If you were only able to see the comments posted by your own child, they may not make sense.

Connect Classes offer a variety of tools for teachers and students. Different teachers use Connect Classes in different ways depending on the type of class, the expectations of the school and the needs of the students.