College hours / attendence

Regular attendance at the college is vital for a good education.

If students are absent, they should bring an explanatory note the day following their absence, written and signed by a parent or guardian.

A text messaging service is available to inform the College of absences. Parents can send a text to 0408 099 112 at any time of the day.

Alternatively, parents can ring Student Services on 08 9234 3401. Parents will be sent a text message if a student is absent from the college without prior authorisation. It is vital that contact details be regularly updated for this system to operate successfully.

College Hours / Attendance

Breakfast Club    7:40am - 8:30am

Period 1         8:40am - 9:44am

Period 2       9:44am - 10:48am

Recess       10:48am - 11:08am

Period 3     11:08am - 12:12pm

Period 4      12:12pm - 1:16pm

Lunch          1:16pm - 1:46pm

Period 5       1:46pm - 2:50pm