Code of Conduct


Rights & Responsibilities

Our aim is to make Cecil Andrews College a safe and enjoyable place to learn. Therefore we require students to assist us by taking responsibility for ensuring their behaviour assists others to learn.


As members of the college, all students have the right to:

  1. Be treated with respect;
  2. Work in a safe and pleasant environment;
  3. Gain satisfaction and success from the college experiences;
  4. Be proud of the College;
  5. Have their property respected; and
  6. Participate in the appropriate decision making processes.


Student responsibilities are to:

  1. Be considerate, polite and courteous;
  2. Develop their own abilities to their full potential;
  3. Allow others to learn without interruption and distraction;
  4. Support and participate in College activities;
  5. Keep the College grounds and buildings clean and tidy;
  6. Respect their own and other people’s property;
  7. Ensure all groups have the opportunity to be adequately represented on the Student Council;
  8. Contribute appropriately in decision making processes;
  9. Comply with the College dress code; and
  10. Follow instructions from members of staff.