Digital Technologies


The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integral to the functioning of the modern classroom, where our students work alongside Teachers in the discovery of new information, skills and approaches to problems.

Students and Teachers use ICT tools to interact with the cyber world and each other in a seamless process where the students, our “technology natives”, guide the teaching and learning process in a direction that best supports their individual needs.

Teachers facilitate learning by providing innovative hardware and software solutions within a well coordinated and supported IT infrastructure. Our College works in partnership with industry leaders, such as TechTeach, to ensure that the best possible IT platforms are provided to our learning community in their day to day activity.

Our teachers are highly skilled in guiding the use of ICT to achieve the most effective learning outcomes. Our ongoing professional learning program ensures that each teacher is well versed in the use of a wide range of ICT and that they clearly understand the most appropriate way to deliver important learning material and information to meet the needs of each student.

Our College is fully networked with internet access for all students and staff across the College. Use of computer facilities is closely monitored to ensure students’ safety, with computer access dependent on students committing to our Computer User’s Agreement. Failure to commit to this agreement will mean a student will be unable to access computers at the College. Access may also be revoked for inappropriate use of IT.