Cecil Andrews College

Health & PE is a part of the curriculum, students are engaged in a variety of sports to develop and promote healthy living and sportsmanship.

We have three full-time specialist physical education teachers catering to the needs of our students. Students are encouraged to participate in whole-of-college sporting activities with the popular beach carnival held in Term 1 and the athletics carnival is usually in Term 3.

Interschool competitions are also promoted with carnivals held for Years 8, 9 and 10 in the sports of football, soccer, netball, basketball and volleyball. Our students are always eager participants in these carnivals and are very competitive with other schools.

Students are expected to change from normal school dress into a physical education shirt for the class, and change back into the college uniform for all other classes. We also have a highly-recognised specialist AFL program that is valued in the community and among students.

Participation in this program is a privilege and reliant on strong social and academic performance. We encourage all parents to ensure their children have adequate sun protection for outdoor activities, including suitable sunscreen and hats.