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School Board Meetings 2024:

Term 1 – Tuesday 19 March 2024 5.00pm
Term 2 – Tuesday 28 May 2024 5.00pm
Term 3 – Tuesday 27 August 2024 5.00pm
Term 4 – Tuesday 19 November 2024 5.00pm
AGM – Public Meeting TBC

Board Members 2024:

Chair & Community Representative Ben Boekholt
Deputy Chair & Community Representative Melissa Northcott
Principal Mario Tufilli
Secretary Debbie Foster
Parent Representative Bradley Burgess
Parent Representative Jessica Bain
Parent Representative Katrina Dyson
Parent Representative Stephanie Liddiard
Community Representative Kerry Busby
Staff Representative Amy Palmieri
Staff Representative Meryl Oltmans


If you are interested in being part of a P&C Committee for the College, please email CecilAndrews.Col.Attendance@education.wa.edu.au


The Cecil Andrews Alumni Online Communication Service is part of the Connections Program through the College’s Communication and Network team.

This service enables previous students to contact other students, leave messages via an online bulletin board, update their own details and inform others of their activities via a diary message.

It provides Cecil Andrews College with an opportunity to inform alumni of upcoming social and business functions, special events, reunions and developments.

In future, all email communication to alumni will be done through this secure system. We encourage you to access this system to remain in contact with friends and Cecil Andrews College.

For further information, please contact the school on 08 9234 3400.

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