Principal’s Message


Stella Jinman | Principal

Welcome to the Cecil Andrews College website. I hope that you enjoy the virtual tour of our School and that afterwards you will contact us for further information.

Cecil Andrews College exemplifies excellence in education for all students. While our school is rich in heritage and tradition, rightly valuing what the past has given us, we are also an exciting and innovative future focussed centre of learning.

We seek to retain the strengths and wisdom of the past while preparing students to become emerging leaders in a changing world. We offer programs that are challenging academically, varied recreationally, stimulating socially, and rich in emotional and social intelligence.

Our highly experienced teachers aim to educate students to become confident and independent young citizens, conscious of their strengths, responsive and capable and willing to contribute to the greater good of society. We aim to develop each student to be the best they can be in all they undertake. Year 12 students leave with a much broader education than can be provided within the academic curriculum. We strive to provide circumstances where students take time to relax and to laugh together; where they might explore other cultures through various intercultural programs, and to learn to appreciate and enjoy life in its fullness.

We want them to liberate their imaginations, embrace creativity and to value learning as a life-long, enriching undertaking. Our website can provide only a ‘snapshot’ of life at Cecil Andrews College. Your virtual tour will highlight some of the excellent features of school life: the outstanding facilities for sport, music and the performing arts, our community partnerships and innovations in the use of information technology.

However, our website can give you only a glimpse of the warmth of the community spirit among the students. It is here, in this caring environment, where students can form lasting friendships to nurture them throughout life. Our school is a vibrant and happy place to be. Experience this warmth of spirit for yourself by visiting our campus. We look forward to meeting you.

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