In Science, we value responsible and ethical behaviour. We teach our students to investigate and communicate scientifically and look at how science applies to their daily lives. Through this approach, they develop an appreciation for how our knowledge and understanding have changed over time through human endeavour.

Student engagement is a College and departmental priority. We strive to provide our students with hands-on experiences to increase engagement and find ways to link Science to their daily lives.

We actively incorporate information technology (IT) in our classes to connect to our modern students and engage them, to stimulate them visually and to encourage their creativity.

Our Year 11 and 12 class sizes are small, allowing for greater opportunities for one-on-one learning. As with our lower school classes we regularly review our programs to ensure they are relevant and engaging. We use strategies to improve scientific literacy, student organisation and to prepare students for exams.

Throughout all College activities, we aim to be strong communicators with parents to ensure student success. Through our partnership with Scitech, students have experienced a number of fantastic opportunities. Students represented the school at Scitech’s inaugural Innovation Festival, which promoted innovation and creativity. Our students performed exceptionally well, using their creativity and problem-solving skills in the challenges presented to them – skills that we desire and value.

Year 10 and 11 students have attended the Science Café, run by Scitech at The University of Western Australia, allowing them to speak to real scientists about courses of study and career pathways. Our students have also exercised their investigating skills to solve mysteries with forensic evidence provided by CSIRO’s Lab on Legs.