Curtin AHEAD


The Curtin AHEAD in Schools program is designed to encourage our Academic Extension students to consider their educational pathway and become comfortable with the idea of university study.

The students attend Curtin University for a day and also have Curtin Representatives attend information sessions held at our College during school time.
During their excursion to Curtin University, students are given a tour of the University campus and attend lecture theatres to participate in activities as well as complete other activities that give them a taste of university life. Our students in the Academic Classes creatively enjoy these sessions and always receive high praise from Curtin staff for their enthusiasm, hard work and excellent behaviour.

These sessions are provided free (paid for by Curtin) and students are provided with a free lunch at the University Café as well as morning tea. They are also given goody bags to take home.

The students always enjoy their time at Curtin University and many have begun seriously considering their future careers based on their new found confidence and knowledge.

There is a continuum of exposure right up until they are required to choose Senior School subjects for Year 11.

Year Nine GOALS Program

GOALS is a mentoring program organised by The Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN). This is a network of more than 30 member companies from a variety of industries who have employees volunteer to work with our students over a six month period each year.

Students attend workshops run by GOALS Coordinators, facilitators and mentors who and address such things topics such as career goal setting, communication, building relationships and confidence, understanding finance, realising strengths and understanding the working world.

Students are paired with individual mentors who share their program journey with them and support them throughout the workshops.

Students bond with their mentors and gain an enormous amount of positive experience from this program, developing familiarity with the world the program introduces them to. Our students begin to feel comfortable in the corporate environment and often opulent surroundings the program exposes them to.