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Keeping our parents and community informed and up to date with developments at Cecil Andrews College is a high priority for our staff.

Our Special Edition Magazine is released at the end of every year showcasing our highlights of the year. We actively strive to keep you informed in a number of ways through informal chats, notes sent home from from teachers, our quarterly school newsletter and yearly calendar, assemblies, parent and teacher interviews, P&C meetings, and our website. These methods of communication traditionally involve the school “pushing” information out with a hope you will receive it and read it. This “push” strategy works for routine and operational matters, however more time and effort is needed for communicating about your student’s needs and progress. At Cecil Andrews College we believe effective communication is an exchange of information, a shared process where we provide information about school, campus or classroom activities and we also seek and receive input from you about your needs and the aspirations of your student.

We believe the flow of communication should be focused as much as possible on student learning, including the nature of today’s classrooms, the high expectations we have of all students and their academic progress. As a school of academic excellence, we actively use technology in the classroom to engage students. As we continue to explore ways to keep students engaged, we have also actively explored innovative ways to keep the conversation going with you – parents, carers and the wider school community.

To keep the school’s communication with parents alive and active, we have invested in a number of innovative communication tools. However, for these communication tools to be successful we need your support.  We invite you to engage with us via our Facebook page, install the School App (here is the link to the iOS version) to receive school messages direct to your phone, enquire about your student’s Vivo reward points and start a conversation with your student’s Teachers via Connect.

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