The library is located in the centre of the College and provides a hub of support to students and staff.

We support all teaching and learning programs and ensure the information needs of students are met. The open plan library is attractively presented, with well defined areas for various purposes including displays, private study areas, class work areas, computer facilities (including wireless internet) and reading areas.

The library is well resourced with information in all formats including digital, online, text, audio, audio and pictorial. It is equipped with modern digital viewing facilities, including a smartboard. Students and staff are encouraged to use the many resources the library has to support their curriculum and recreational activities.

A comfortable reading area is available for quiet reading by classes or individuals.

The library is open from 8.15am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.  Students may use the time before and after school to complete homework, research tasks or just read.  The library also provides a quiet and friendly haven for students during lunch.

Students can read, use computers, play board games, complete work tasks and borrow resources using their SmartRider card.

Students have access to traditional print resources as well as digital and online resources. The library houses 18 computers, a multimedia station as well as trolleys of notebooks that can be used for personal research by the senior school private study students, as well as classes. Senior students who attend TAFE, SIDE or have private study are catered for in the library, with access to online learning, computer and notebook facilities as well as traditional resources to support their courses.