Humanities & English


In recognition of the future direction in education, we recently combined our English and the Society & Environment programs under the ‘Humanities’ banner.

This exciting initiative addresses the needs of the Australian Curriculum, enabling rich cross-curricular tasks embedded in programs to enhance the learning and understanding of our students.

We organise opportunities that deliver enriching learning experiences to acknowledge not only the role of language in communicating to the world around us, but also focus on skills development to prepare our students to be successful in future employment and education.


Proficiency in English is the key to successful communication, the medium for creative and imaginative thinkers and the doorway to future employment and career pathways.  The study of English also helps young people in becoming ethical, thoughtful and active members of our society. We deliver a diverse curriculum to students in Years 7 – 12, preparing students for the workplace, TAFE and university. The individual needs of students are a priority so literacy support and individual education programs, as well as extension classes, are in place. Teaching staff continuously review the programs and undertake professional development to enhance student performance.

The contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made to contemporary texts is also acknowledged and supports Australian Curriculum initiatives, contributing to a rich and varied experience in our English classrooms. Multimodal text production and delivery is another feature of the English curriculum at the College. A range of technologies support students to communicate their ideas in the language of the digital age.


Through Humanities and Social Sciences, students learn to understand how individuals and groups in society interact with each other and their environment. A respect for culture, social justice, a commitment to heritage and an understanding of the significance of sustainability are key focus areas.

These areas are also the perfect platform for cross-curricular initiatives linked to the Australian Curriculum; an opportunity which has been embraced by our Humanities and Social Sciences team members. Our Senior School curriculum includes ATAR pathway courses in Modern History, Geography and Economics. These courses provide students with the capacity to make real connections to the world in which we live:

Modern History
Modern History not only allows students to associate who we are as a society and the events that have shaped our identity, but also equips students with transferable skills in enquiry, analysis and interpretation of information sources.

Geography allows students to develop a range of skills to observe and explain places and aspects of the Earth’s surface. Importantly, the course also equips students with the capacity to not only interpret the past but interrogate the aspects of our present interactions with our environment which may contribute to strategies for a sustainable future.

Economics provides students with the ability to make connections between our economy and the rest of the world, and study the impacts of globalisation and economic policy and management.