Mobile Phone Policy

In October 2019, the Department of Education implemented a Mobile Phone Policy that banned use of mobiles phones in all Public Schools.  The policy stated that all high school students were permitted to bring a mobile phone to school however the phone needed to be ‘off and away all day’.  The Cecil Andrews College Electronic Device Policy reflects this policy and as such students are not permitted to use their phones during school hours.  All mobile phones are to be switched off and in the students’ bag for the school day.

It has been noted that recently we have had an increase in students using mobile phones during the school day, which does not adhere to the Department of Education’s Mobile Phone Policy.  We would like to ask that all parents and guardians discuss the following points with their child/ren:

  • Mobile phones are to be switched off at the start of the school day and only switched on again at the end of the day, after students are outside the school gates.
  • If a child needs to contact parents/guardians, they can do so through Student Services.
  • Parents/guardians can contact their child by telephoning Student Services on 9234 3401.
  • If a child has their mobile phone out during the school day, their phone will be confiscated.  If this occurs 3 times a parent/guardian will be requested to collect the phone from the front office.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used as music devices during the school day unless it is agreed upon during a case conference and implemented in a documented plan.  If that is the agreed plan between the school, the parents/guardians and the child;  the student is only permitted to use it to deescalate in Student Services for an agreed time duration.
  • If a parent/guardian is concerned about mobile phones being kept in a school bag, the student may have the phone locked in the Front Office or Student Services (please contact your child’s Year Coordinator to discuss this option further).
  • If a student refuses to hand their mobile phone to a staff member, it is considered refusing staff instructions. A consequence will be given in accordance with the Behaviour Support Policy.  This may include a suspension.

We would like to thank you in advance for your help and support to ensure your child has the best opportunity to have successful educational outcomes and preparation for the work force.


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NAPLAN: 12 May 2021